Monday, August 2, 2010

We Love to Read! Book Swapping at Pinwheel

Many of you know that I was an English teacher at Waco High last year. I received my Bachelor's in English from UT, and I have always been (and always will be) a book hound. I hope to instill the same passion for reading and love of literature in my kids. But I've found that children's books are so expensive, and my kids tire of a book in a few weeks. The library is great, and we used to go frequently when I was home with my kiddos, but it isn't always convenient to drag a 2-year-old into the library while helping my 7-year-old pick out books.

So I came up with a solution: wouldn't it be awesome if there were a place to go to swap out the books we don't read anymore? Just a simple swap. Trade the old books for something fresh and different to read to the kids? No cost involved, no signing up, no membership required. And wouldn't it be even better if this place were 2-year-old approved?

Voila. We have set up a Book Swap at Pinwheel Kids! It's a small bookshelf with books for all ages: board books, story books, early readers and even young adult/tween fiction. It's a place where you can go and trade any time!

We are starting small, but we hope to grow the collection into a great resource for parents! The best way to do this is to encourage all of you to participate! We ask that you bring your gently used children's books in and swap them. It's an honor system, and we ask that you only take 4 books at a time, but you are welcome to leave as many as you like. In fact, any books that you donate above the four you swap will help us to make our collection even more comprehensive!

This is a mom-to-mom service we are offering. We hope you take advantage of this and bring your kiddos in to choose new books to read!


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